EAA Chapter 1298 Brooksville Chapter Dinner
02/23/19  Dinner at Perkins
Ruby Tuesday 12/15/18 Crakovia Restaurant 1/05/19 Bonefish grill 2/09/19 Perkins Restaurant 2/23/19
Coyote Rojo 03/09/19 R Beach 03/23/19    

The first dinner was held at  Ruby Tuesdays in Brooksville and 15 attended.

The second dinner was held at Crakovia Restaurant in Spring Hill and 12 attended.

Next Dinner 5:30pm March 9 at
Chulas Mexican Grill

Please Join us



The Deserts Were Fantastic.
We Wish You Had Been With Us

Dolly and I were the last to arrive. The conversation was already going strong: airplanes and home towns, tower controllers and family; just good friends getting together.

Perkins did a great job with friendly staff and good food.  We occupied the side room where it was quiet and relaxing.

Quote: Karl

  Next Dinner 5:30 pm March 9
Coyote Rojo Mexican Restaurant
Please Join us