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   Lynn Postel & Dave Mackenzie visit to Prop Works

We flew the 6x on Monday the 01/15/18 and carried the prop down to Winter Haven (KGIF).
Front office of Aircraft Propeller Works in Auburndale
This is the view from the office into the shop. The prop governor shop is clear in the back, the repair areas are seen on the left side, and the magna-flux area/room is on the right.

This is the prop re-assembly area for all constant speed props being repaired or newly overhauled props.
This view just amplifies the previous photo. It took approximately an hour and a half to do the complete re-pitch and retracked of the prop. All in all a fine day as we went home, reinstalled the prop and flew it the same day.
N8606S owned by Dave Mackenzie (Cessna 150)