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EAA Chapter 1298 Brooksville Florida Member 

    Paul Bryant  -  Brooksville Florida  -  Arion Lightning  -  N82PB

My Lightning is an Experimental Amateur Built (EAB) kit which was completed in 2008. The company also builds an LSA version of the Lightning.  Since this was my very first build, I opted to do the builder assist program at the Arion Lightning facility in Shelbyville, Tn. The builder assist program at Arion is unsurpassed. The folks there are committed to helping the builder complete a strong, safe, and reliable airplane build. They provide the right amount of technical expertise and share their recent build experiences with you so that you learn a great deal and you know your airplane inside and out. My Lightning, SN74, has dual GRT PFD Avionics, Tru-Trak auto pilot, Lynx 9000 ADSB, Garmin Comm/Nav, GRT Engine Monitoring System, 406 Mhz ELT, Landing and Taxi lights and dual MATCO disc brakes.   





At the time of my build the only option for the engine was the Jabiru.   I installed the 3300 which is a 6 cylinder, 120Hp air-cooled engine  I cruise around 150 MPH and burn about 6.5 gallons of avgas.  Currently, there are several options for the firewall forward including UL and Lycoming up to 180 HP.

Photo 001

This is the completed aircraft which is now housed at the BKV airport, hangar 27 on the southeast side of the airport. Visit anytime.

Photo 002

This is a flight from Venice to Clearwater, Fl off the coast of Sarasota.  The Lightning is a comfortable cross country aircraft, with great efficiency and viability.

Photo 003



This is what my current panel looks like.  It has all the needed avionics for Day/Night VFR flights. To meet the ADSB 2020 mandate, I recently installed the L3  Lynx-9000 ADSB.  It was a little pricey, but a perfect upgrade into my panel. I also took advantage of the ADSB rebate program, so that helped a little. The install was relatively straight forward. It fit into the same location of my Garmin 325GTX without any additional cutting of the panel. 


Photo 004