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    Lynn Postel


    I flew this aircraft while on vacation in Switzerland. It debut'ed here at Air Venture this year.



On base leg for Engadin, the highest elevation airport in Europe (San Moritz, Switzerland) in a
Diamond Star during our Swiss excursion.

Photo 001

This a/c is a retractable gear aircraft powered by a 135 HP Rotax 917.

This engine has not been introduced in the U.S. Yet.

Photo 002



 Photo 003

This S a/c is like a little fighter and flies like one.

Photo 004

This view shows what the front office looks like with Dynon Sky View panel.

Photo 005
Rear cockpit instrument panel is mounted on the back of the front seat headrest.
Maximum utilization of space.

Photo 006
We weren't able to really ring it out cause of Swiss airspace and low clouds and ceilings.
Airspace there is much more restrictive than here, but still a really fun time flying.

Photo 007
This picture is of Daniel Bättig, who's family hosted us and made our visit the best vacation we could ever hope to have. Daniel flies with me when they visit the U.S. And I have had the honor of soloing both of his and Pia's sons. They are now both licensed pilots and Tim the oldest is now a Swiss Military Helicopter pilot.

Photo 008